Sunday, March 13, 2011

Democrats against gay marriage: This is the direction our party should take

Part of the mission of Newliberals is to advocate what's best for America:
Democrats should stand against gay marriage and gay rights in general.

While this is an uphill battle, those of us who support traditional values won a small victory as Maryland Democrats have withdrawn same sex marriage bill:

Best of all:

But the closer the bill got to a final vote, the bumpier its path became. One of its co-sponsors, Delegate Tiffany T. Alston, a freshman Democrat from Prince George’s County, had withdrawn her support, apparently bowing to pressure from her constituency, which contains a powerful religious community.

This should be just the beginning. Democrats need to make a sustained case for the sanctity of marriage. That involves making it more difficult to enter into matrimony and the general community having more respect for the institution. This should include the tax code, popular culture, and our approach to personal relations.

The tendency is for good-hearted supporters of tradional marriage to go silently back into our lives, while the fanatics pursue their agenda at all costs. Even in this article, the sponsors say they'll be back next year. But I caution, you can't fight gay marriage or anything at the end of a debate. You can't start your defense on your goal line. You have to have a positive campaign about what you're for and why you're against this redefinition.

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