Monday, February 21, 2011

What Republican House member will call Jackie Speier a murderer on the Floor?

Rep. Jackie Speier shared her story of how and why she had an abortion 20 years ago.

It was in response to extreme language that Republicans were using in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood because of their promotion of a woman's right to choose an abortion or to continue a pregnancy until a live birth.

If Republicans truly believe the rhethoric about abortion being murder, and it is not just the equivalent of but actually is the taking of a human life, then even twenty years later, they should be clear in their antipathy towards a person who allowed and participated in a murder by her own admission.

Any logical analysis will show abortion is not murder. A fetus is apart of another human being until birth. A reading of Speier's story shows why abortion is always a medical procedure and not a criminal act. A woman is deciding what to do with her own body.

There are spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) that are equally "deadly" and more common than an elective procedure. In fact, many women miscarry (have spontaneous abortion) without even knowing they were pregnant. Up to 40 or 50% of pregnancies end this way.

Using logic, if an elective abortion is murder. Miscarriage have the same phsyical consequence as elective abortions which is to end the pregnancy or kill the fetus. Then miscarriages would be the accidential death of a human being.

Yet, if that's true, wouldn't we do all we could to save up to 40-50% of all human beings being killed for unknown medical reasons. Wouldn't we do everything possible to stop them. Which would have to include controlling women's lives throughout pregnancy to a much greater extent.
In addition, since many occur before the women know they're pregnant, would mandatory testing be appropriate? And so on...

That's why this is a human rights issue.
I know it is fashionable to compare the extreme pro choice and pro life positions and say a moderate position is desirable. While our current law may be more acceptable than a ban on abortions, either women are equal human beings with rights or not.

I can struggle with this issue in a honest manner. I can call the fetus a devloping human being and understand the gravity of killing the baby. I respect the pro life position and can understand the extremism (even though it's wrong) that can follow if a person truly believes abortion is murder. What I don't respect is people who claim they really are pro life and then move on to the next issue.

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Anonymous said...

I sent Jackie my sentiments that she is not only a murderer but a whore. She could have accepted a prescription of bedrest and gotten the kid to viability. She was within 5 weeks of the world record for the youngest preemie to survive. If babies carry the father's blood, then it's a separate body. Jackie thought more of her crotch than the baby.