Monday, January 17, 2011

Conservatives and Dr. King Holiday

It's accepted that today is a national holiday and a time for Americans of all types to come together. While I'm young enough to have always celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, for millions of conservatives not only is that not the case but they actually disagreed with his politics then in the 1950's and 1960's, and with the natural progression of them today. I remember the debate back in the 1980's as to why Arizona wouldn't recognize the holiday. In my quarter of the black community it was akin to racism. Any excuse was just a politically correct way to say that King didn't deserve it. Meanwhile, many in the African American community have tried to broaden the discussion to include other civil rights' leaders besides King, even those who disagreed with his approach for various reasons.

So, I'm wondering, what would the Tea Party think of King's approach to the Constitution. That the commerce clause (concerning interstate business) would apply in people's local shops and even their home-grown stores.

King also advocated a real war on poverty. He wanted more than the Great Society was delivering. This Great Society that most Conservatives think of as destructive to the American way in many ways; King was to the Left of that.

King was anti-war and refused to sublimate his concerns for domestic political reasons. Sort of the Cindy Sheehan approach.

...and so on.

When people keep talking about how this nation is a center-right nation, ask why do we celebrate a hero of the Left who has become mainstream then?

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