Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cohen Nazi reference is ok

Democrat Steve Cohen has compared the Republican strategy of intentionally repeating lies about health care reform to Nazi tactics.

He is correct to do this. There is political spin. Then there are outright lies. Spin is acceptable.
Intentionally misleading the public is dangerous and it should be addressed.

It would be preferable not to speak about Nazi-era people in the same conservation with American politics but the media won't cover it.

No one would care what a Tennessee representative said if it was boiler-plate language.
That is what the Republicans have been manipulating.
They are misusing the public trust and the media's laziness to spread misinformation.
They are doing so on a very important issue. Cohen is right on the facts in the comparison, it's just the implication.

But as long as the media refuses to cover the Republican lies and expose them, rather than allowing the lies to stand and then asking the Democrats to respond, Cohen is justified.

It would be nice if he didn't take his words back.
In light of the new fetish to speak in civil tones, it would show great courage to maintain his backbone.

His standard should be whether he told the truth.
If it wasn't outlandish, it wouldn't be an issue.

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