Friday, December 10, 2010

Maryland Democrats against same sex marriage

I just sent this letter to State Senator C. Anthony Muse in relation to the effort by the left to change marriage in Maryland. I will post his response:

I live in Bowie Md.

I run a blog called newliberals. While generally supporting the Democratic party, I am against the gay rights agenda:

According to the Washington post, your exit from an important committee could advance the gay rights agenda to change marriage in our state. If you support traditional marriage, wouldn't this be a reason to stay on that committee? Are you still opposed to gay marriage? Will you support all efforts to stop any gay marriage bill, including filibuster?

Also, What are you doing to strengthen marriage in maryland not only from the attacks from gays but from divorce and the msm?

We need a proactive campaign to not only save traditional marriage but make it stronger.

I will post your response on my blog.


Craig Farmer

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