Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Social Security is a great program, not a ponzi scheme, and is not in trouble

Cynical Republicans keep attacking the legitimacy of the Social Security program. They talk about how "their kids"won't get out what they put in , and "social security won't be there for them". Also, there's crazy talk of the program being a ponzi scheme.

These are lies.

In reality, the social security program is in good shape. According to current law, even if nothing changes the program would be able to pay 100% of promised benefits through 2037, over 75% of promised benefits until 2084.

That's a problem, a potential 25% cut 27 years from now , but not a crisis.
Worse case scenario, tell people who right now are around 43 that they will get social security, but it will be 25% lower. I think a quarter century is enough time to prepare for those who want to.

A crisis would be if the system was at some point not able to pay any benefits or perhaps 25% or less.

A ponzi scheme is based on the fact there's "no there there". When in fact Social Security is a transparent legal contract enshrined into law. There are defined insurance benefits in addition to retirement security.

Simple changes such as increased money subjected to the fica tax, raise the retirement age, and index the cost of living increases to real inflation would fix these small accounting issues.

There are cowards who are just afraid to speak the truth abou their right wing agenda, instead lie about the problems of social security.

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