Wednesday, November 10, 2010

patriotism or political correctness?

The media is going overboard in a "non political" way to show the American people's support for the troops. As the saying goes, whether you support their mission or not, you should support the men and women of the armed forces.

I'm thinking this is going over-board when I watch Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN and First Take on that same network going to visit some of the military on ships and what not.

At a certain point, doesn't support for the troops automatically mean you at least tacitly support their mission?

What if you are a Dennis Kucinch type? Working for a Department of Peace? How can you elevate the status of soldiers but denigrate what they do?

Americans should be more free to criticize the soldiers in general and specific.
Stop this political correctness.

I remember when John Kerry made a bad joke in 2006, that some thought might jeopardize Democrats taking control of Congress. It basically insulted the educational aptitude of young people joining the military. He said that if they didn't study hard, they might wind up over in Iraq. Intimating that poorer students with less opportunities find the military as their best option.

Now the joke was supposed to have been a shot at President Bush's purported mediocre educational record, "if you don't study hard, you might wind up sending troops to Iraq".

Whatever the real joke, the fact that today it is off-limits to seriously criticize the soldiers, and the military in general is bad for democracy.

I'm not a dove, but if I were I would be proud of it, and wouldn't hold soldiers in high esteem. They carry out violent orders. They kill innocent civilians on a regular basis.

I happen to support a strong military used wisely. But what if I didn't?

True fee speech is for people like me to defend speech I disagree with.
Not just from the government but from political correctness and public pressure.

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