Saturday, November 13, 2010

John Edwards update

For all of those who say that people's "private life" doesn't and shouldn't matter:

Reille Hunter denies celebrity affair

I wonder if Edwards had won the White House would this be a Bill Clinton type cover-up or would we just have to deal with this story daily?

As for Rielle's current relationship with Edwards, Terenzio says, "Ms. Hunter did not have any sort of fight with Mr. Edwards and she and her daughter, Quinn, see Mr. Edwards regularly."

Friends of the former Senator have told PEOPLE earlier this year that he only sees Hunter as part of the logistics of visiting their daughter.

A rep for John Edwards couldn't be reached for comment.

I never really like him. That intensified in the 2008 Primary election when he agonized about his "prejudice" against homosexual marriage, and talked about how he would let his 3rd grade child decide for themselves whether to read a disgusting book about gay marriage. I'm still shocked the media let him say this nonsense without holding him accountable.

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