Sunday, November 14, 2010

Democrats seem ready to lose tax battle

Once again we have the White House wanting to compromise with Republicans who are refusing to budge. We have Nancy Pelosi saying the right things about standing strong for the middle class, but then we have the history of losing on these issues.

Honestly, what's wrong with Democrats? Why do these members take winning hands and proceed to fold them, and then play bad hands all the way? Listen to this quote from the same story:

"An emerging tax cut compromise could be to temporarily extend Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels," according to CNN. "Republican and Democratic sources say in this scenario - a short term extension across the board - both sides would be giving ground."

Now, Democrats want to extend all of the middle class, and none for the rich.

Republcians want to extend all of them permanently.

If we extend all of them temporarily, how do the Republicans lose? That just gives them another chance one or two years later to fight for the same tax cut again. This time, they would control the House of Representatives, so they could control the debate much more since all revenue bills must originate from the House.

Winners win.

Losers lose.

It's clear why we lost this last election so badly.

This needs to change. We need the President to give up the charade of bipartasanship before he's really ever begun it (post election) and be the Democratic Leader full time.

That is what is best for America.

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