Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Democrats are acting like abuse victims


The majority leader is asking the minority if he can surrender:

Reid said Tuesday that he was willing to consider a temporary extension for all income levels even though he personally doesn't support the idea.

The compromise is between the far right and the center right:

They may well end up with a deal similar to what Axelrod appeared to outline last week, though it's unclear whether Republicans would accept a temporary extension of all the tax cuts

You have to realize Democrats control all of Washington. They've wondered and worried about Republicans for the past two years. At each step, the Republican position has been clear:

If Democrats are for it, we all are against it. Every one of us. We will do whatever we can think of to stop, obstruct, and politically destroy you. We think Democratic plans are bad for the country. We won't compromise.

Yet, our response is,

“The more we’re working together, the better,” said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.),

Not surprisingly, Republicans destroyed us in the 2010 election. How could they not when the dynamic has been:

Republicans: You're evil. You are dangerous. This country can't take anymore of what you're trying to do. We will never help you destroy the country.

Democrats: The American people want us to work together.

Finally, some sanity on the topic from outside groups:

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Tuesday that he was lobbying the White House and congressional labors to hold only one vote – on extending the middle-class tax cuts – and force Republicans to vote against them, even if it meant the tax-cut fight would spill into next year, well after the breaks expire Dec. 31.

“I believe that is the best solution, so we will fight for it,” Trumka said. “I’m willing to take all the consequences attached to fighting for good policy.”

It would be debatable if Democrats were winning politically all year long, and held onto Congress. Then, one side we could weight all the compromises versus staying in power. But this is acting like abuse victims because what are we getting in return for our posture? We are just traumitized by negative ads, negative rhethoric, and wanting to be liked.

This must change.

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