Sunday, October 31, 2010

What about Satisfied/Content/Don't care voters?

There's a negative bias to life and in our politics. For life, it ends in death. Most of the times sickness and death. That's for those we care about and ourselves. This matters on many levels throughout our day(s).

According to the Washington Post

In politics we now have a situation where all registered voters support Democrats:

49 - 44.

That's right in the middle of the big REPUBlICAN wave, the public prefers a Democrat to a Republican.

The problem is that those most like to vote prefer Republicans:

49 - 45.

This could mean many things, but I take it to mean that there are many Americans who don't care about politics when they are basically content. Meanwhile, when they are angry and upset they are most active in the system.

Most political historians predicted a Republican comeback in 2010 before Obama took office because of this natural tendency of the winning voters to get complacent, tired of the process, bored, and some disillusioned at not getting what they wanted.

But the fact remains, it is much easier to get people to vote against someone and something rather than supporting what you did in office.

That's why Republicans run saying Democrats will raise your taxes.
Democrats run saying Republicans will cut your favorite program.

The key is whether in this last week, Democrats can scare these voters to vote.

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