Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Republican lies

On MSNBC this morning, the host on Morning Joe gave the typical spin that "this is a center right" country. HE used polls to back him up. Well I'm going to use common sense to prove that this is really a center left country (not always for the better).

It's simple list all the issues that are now mainstream and considered "moderate", label whether they were liberal or conservatve.

for the right:
defense spending
fighting crime

for the left:
social security
education spending
environment rules
protection of minorities
gay rights (I'm against)

We live in a liberal democracy where a person's faith or lack of doesn't matter. A place where we don't execute "regular" murderers (I disagree with this) and give accused constitutional protections against the state. We spend trillions in the public sector, and most children go to government run schools.

Sure polld may say 40% conservative and around 20 percent liberal, but that's because the left has won so many battles.

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