Monday, October 4, 2010

Three political lies we need to be True

1. President Obama believes in traditional marriage and doesn't support the redefintion. America needs to strengthen the institution through civil society, cultural mores, laws, etc. One man and One woman married for life. This should be the preferred relationships, and we should rationally discriminate against other arrangements.

2. Republicans are fiscal and social Conservatives and can be trusted to steer America towards what is right. Unfortunately this party has shown itself to be interested in advancing the interests of the wealthy, the well-connected. They do this by tricking those rightfully frustrated by social norms, taxes, regulations, etc. and using that anger to advance their elitism. The average Republican voter is as uninformed as the average Democratic voter. Maybe worse. I say that because they think they know more.

3. The American people are smart and can be trusted to make the right decisions. While the latter might be ultimately true, it's not clear that it is so necessarily. The typical American is not interested in serious endeavors period. They are generally good at a one or a few things and then blissfully ignorant. Political campaigns have come down to who can fool the voters the best. Both sides and often the voters know at some level they are being either lied to or that the real issues aren't being discussed. Both parties know that the right thing to do is often unpopular, and to advocate it will result in their loss. There is always some candidate willing to say what people want to hear. But the beauty of our system so far is that the media, and wise leaders of both parties usually hold the middle ground and force the public's attention towards realism. But there are limits. The reality is better looking candidates win, better sounding candidates win. Candidates that share common traits with the voters, candidates who pander at picnics and go to the right church, etc. All superficial and reality in 2010.

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