Monday, October 4, 2010

Questions about President Clinton

President Clinton is the most popular politician in America, according to one poll. If so, I'm still wondering about these things:

1. Did you rape Juanita Broaddrick? During office you declined to really answer. Afterwards no one has pressed you. Did you know her. Was it miscommunication? Is it a Kobe Bryant type deal or what?

2. Did you play the race card in the South Carolina primary or was the media hyper-sensitive and pro Obama?

3. Is the success you're credited with due to the Republican takeover of congress in 1994? Are you responsible for Democrats being destroyed for nearly a decade (until Obama)?

I ask these things as an honest politico who voted for you. It bothers me when people forget history. I remember many Democrats saying Clinton shouldn't be impeached because he can be punished in other ways.

What ways? He's riding high. His wife is doing great. Everything's fine?

His behavior was wrong. He helped usher in an era of dishonesty.

His Presidency overall was pretty good.

Life is complex.

Let's deal with it.

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