Thursday, September 2, 2010

women are equal? to men?

If so, tell me how it's ok to have a "Ladies' night"?

Where women either get into clubs free or get free drinks?
But not the men?

What happened to a genderless society that the Judge in the Prop 8 talked about?

Where's the establishments that make women pay to meet men, who can enjoy free goodies?

It wouldn't make sense.
I support the concept of "ladies' nights".
They entice pretty women to come out and socialize.
Men should have to pay.
But then again, I don't pretend men and women are equal in our society.

I'm all for fairness. One standard. All the time.

Either men are equal to women, and women to men; or something else.

Don't try to pick choose based on what's best for women.

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