Thursday, September 2, 2010

Barbara Boxer: A real Democrat

Part of being a true liberal is being honest.
It bothers me that most good Democrats support the gay rights agenda and other left wing causes. They support Hollywood, the feminization of boys, etc.

But fundamentally, I'm a liberal looking to support what's best for the nation, and on balance that is the Democratic Party.

Barbara Boxer is left-wing on many issues.
But she is a joy to watch.
I actually stopped watching her Senate debate to note this.

I really respect how after her opponent spoke in such grandiose terms about America and the problems we face, Ms. Boxer took off into what she has done, and right into attack mode on Fiorina's record. It is beautiful.

I still wonder what's the big deal beyond the game of politics whether Republicans control the Congress. But I'm actually interested in that game, so I hope Boxer and company win.

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