Sunday, September 5, 2010

Republicans poised for takeover avoid social issues

The Conventional Wisdom today is that Republicans will make large gains in both houses of Congress, and could challenge for Majority control of one or both chambers. Yet, looking at the issues, the question should be asked, "Where are the social conservatives?"

We hear time and time again that the most pressing issue is the economy.
Others talk about the problem of illegal immigration.

But there hasn't been any serious talk about the invasion of gay marriage.

Even all of the 2012 early birds investigating Iowa and New Hampshire aren't talking about abortion, gay rights, or the Hollywood leftwing values that have infiltrated even sports programs on television.

It's a sad day, when the conservative party ceases to be that on many important issues.

We need Democrats to change our ways on gay rights and support more traditional values.
We need Democrats to change our ways and find ways to reduce abortions.
We need Democrats to change our ways and fight the filth on television and the movies.
We need Democrats to fight for the traditional institutions like marriage.

Republicans seem like it's all about taxes to them.

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