Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama on the trail

Pundits forget to mention that as President, Obama has the obligation to...
be President.

It is not possible to go around the country playing politics.

But now that it is election season, that all changes.

President Obama can now "nationalize" the election on the left, just as the Republicans have already done. They have been playing politics from day 1.

Now Obama doesn't have to pretend to reach out to a group of people who don't want to work together. He can appeal for votes, because there's an election. The reason out-of-power parties have an advantage is that they can refuse to cooperate on legislation, and then criticize any negative aspect without having to be responsible at all.

But now, the President and Democrats can coordinate a political agenda in Congress, and on the stump, and drive up enthusiasm on our side.

It worked with me today.

This should be interesting how the American people respond.

The President's speech today was awesome. Top-notch Obama.

If he does this right, the election will be Democrats versus Republicans.

It's hard for me to see Democrats losing either house of Congress if the President wakes up Democratic voters.

He must expand the universe of voters again. If he does, we win.

I hope that happens.

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