Monday, August 16, 2010

Why are Repulicans interviewed so much?

Ever since Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006, it has bothered me that the media has given equal and sometimes top billing to the thoughts of Republican lawmakers. They are in the minority and have no power but through public opinion and it seems the media is determined to elevate them.

This could be just my political prism, but I don't remember liberal or even moderate Democrats being so powerful during the Bush years when Republicans controlled everything. Democrats were just there to complain.

But time and time again, there are stories about Paul Ryan, and here's this one about Bob Corker's idea that we should keep the Bush tax cuts.

The problem is the media doesn't really scrutinize their ideas, and so Republicans offer bogus plans that poll test well but don't solve problems.

If/when Republicans retake power, I'll look out for the bias towards Democrats.

Also, I wish social conservatives would get a favorable look from the media. There are many great to save traditional marriage, limit abortions, and improve our nation.

It only the media would cover it.

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