Saturday, August 14, 2010

Right Wing is on fire...against gay marriage

...and it's a good thing. Finally!

Here is Robert Knight talking about the misuse of the English language talking about "bans" on gay marriage rather than an affirmation of what is normal, right and traditional:

The media have turned the meaning of marriage on its head. Calling the law a “ban” says its only purpose is to discriminate against homosexuals. By this reasoning, any law or policy that defines something is a “ban.”

But a license to practice law or medicine is not a “ban” on those without law or medical degrees. It is recognition of the qualifications.

That is brilliant.

We wouldn't call a law that requires lawyers have law degrees or doctor's actually have medical degrees a ban on those who don't have it. Or would we say that is bigoted? Discrimination?

I feel good that at least the thinkers on the right are out defending marriage.


Next up:

All of the Democrats who like me have constantly talked about believing in traditional marriage.

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