Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's worse Tiger being married or divorced?

This is where the state of marriage finds itself. It is a tough question as to whether the institution is better off had Tiger worked it out with his wife, or the way it is that they divorced.

I would choose Tiger Woods being a man. This time meaning repent and change.
Do what it took to fix his marriage. I imagine if he was willing to give up his career, his wife would have taken him back. It's clear he has some sickness. And while I generally don't countenance the "disease" culture for social problems, this might be an exception.

This reminds me of Bill Clinton and Hillary. He's done such horrible things, but somehow they've made it this far. I truly respect that. If I could get some resolution about the Juanita Broadrick rape allegation, I would really warm up to Bill.

Divorce is bad for our culture. Divorce is bad for the couple. Divorce is bad for the children.

We should stop pretending otherwise.

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