Saturday, August 21, 2010

What muslim supports gay rights?

How can Obama be both a left wing Democrat (he is)

and a secret Muslim (he is not).

Truth be told, given those two choices I'd rather he'd be a Muslim.

But he's not.

It's clear President Obama is a true man of the Left.

I agree with much of his agenda to promote fairness in the economy,
a smarter foreign policy, and so forth.

He is much more to the left of me in terms of environmentalism, and certainly
on gay rights.

Obama clearly believes the nonsense from the Left on gay rights and how it is the
same as Civil Rights.

I totally reject it, he totally accepts it.

Anyone who cares, knows he supports homosexual marriage.
So how can he be a muslim?

I've never met any Islamic teaching that tolerates left wing thinking.
Even the moderates of Islam or extreme on many things.

The right wing needs to talk to each other.
Obama can't be a socialist and a muslim.
Muslims generally believe in top-down autocratic societies with class distinctions.

How you seen how Saudi Arabia, Iran, or the rest of the muslim world is set-up?

So you can decided which is worst, but the President can't be both a left winger and a muslim.

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