Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nationals in process of destroying Strasburg

So Steven Strasburg is being protected by the Washington Nationals? And he's hurt once again?

He's pitched 68 innings and is probably done for the season. Reminds me of the Joba rules that haven't worked.

Compare this to another rookie Mike Leake who has pitched 138 innings for the Reds and so far so good.

It could be that the inaction is dangerous. Mostly because it is un-natural and also because his body doesn't build up the resistance to injury that would come from normal use.

Under-use could lead to being brittle, and prevent the necessary flexibility to prevent injury.

Or these could be "regular" injuries that could/should be pitched through, and by not doing so it conditions his body to be weak. That leads to his mind being weak because he's not "fighting" through the pain.

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