Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obama win in Colorado, no big deal?

This is an example of why it is inevitable that Democrats (and Obama) will lose in November.

If incumbent Senator Bennet had lost last night, it would have been placed into the already accepted narrative of a weak Obama who is struggling. The President was supporting him as a person who has taken tough votes all throughou his Presidency. He was facing a Bill Clinton backed House Speaker Romanoff.

I wish the press would let the facts dictate the narrative, rather than spewing their wishes/opinion and then seeking/discarding facts accordingly.

Democrats can win more than expected in November if they coalesce around a clear agenda. Show what a Republican victory would do to healthcare, education, etc. Put the burden on the Republicans to tell how/why children shouldn't stay on their parents' health insurance policies. How/why seniors shouldn't be getting $250 rebates for the Medicare "donut hole".

This is possible.

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