Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is Strasburg then new Jaba Chamberlain?

The Washington Nationals are making a big mistake coddling their star pitcher, Steven Strasburg. Their management has been quoted as saying that they would sit Strasburg out if he was 90% and would only pitch at 100% strength. In addition, they've had him on a strict pitching limit, including setting a maximum work-load for the year.

The NY Yankees became famous for their "Joba rules", trying to protect his arm.

But now a few years later, he has struggled to find his niche, whether in the bullpen or a starter, and has an uncertain future.

It could be that a pitcher is destined to be a star or not. So teams should let the performances speak for themselves rather than "playing scared".

Only one team can win the World Series every year, and very few pitchers will ever be Hall of Fame worthy. So if you think a player is good enough, then ride 'em and find out. If you think you can win, do what you need to when the opportunity is available.

Think outside the box.

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