Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Rangel now Maxine Waters

As a Democrat, I like both Representatives Rangel and Waters, but I like Charlie Rangel better than Maxine Waters because he has generally been more practical and able to put the needs of all Americans ahead of parochial concerns.

When he first got in trouble a few years ago with various shady dealings, I thought he should resign for the principle of saving the party. While I think the hyper-scrutiny on elected officials is regretable, that's the game, and all should play by the rules.

Now California Democrat Maxine Waters is having to address (nonsense) ethics charges.

She is 71 years old. Ms. Waters has been a great member of the House of Reps and has done incredible good throughout the years. Her advocacy for the poor and minorities has unquestionably benefited the nation.

But now she should go.

The Congressional Black Caucus is very powerful right now. As a group they shouldn't fritter away their clout through scandal and hubris. The individuals should step up and set a high ethical standard for the CBC and Democrats. If they do then Republicans would be hard-pressed to gain in November and would be taken aback.

This country is great because courageous people have done what's right in spite of their personal plight. Both Rangel and Waters have a chance to continue this tradition.

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