Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fox News supports gay agenda again

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Conservative Ted Olsen about his support of gay marriage in California. Most of the interview focused on Olsen's past advocacy against judicial activism in light of his pleas for it in this case. Wallace never really honed in on the issue of traditional marriage being attacked by these extremist. Olsen got to give a legalistic and constitutional defense of his position. There weren't any other guests on the topic, and the show moved on.

It's a shame that a vibrant institution such as marriage which has been attacked through divorce laws, hollywood culture, and in many other ways is now under full attack and no one really defends it.

We need a strong nuclear family. That's one man and one woman in holy matrimony. This is best for the man, for the woman, and if/when they choose to have children for the kids too. Our complex world needs stable forces that promote order and productivity. We need the great religions to reassert themselves in a positive way.

I would have thought Fox News, which is generally right wing t.v. would promote a real social conservative to communicate the moral dimension of changing thousands of years of culture as well as combatting the legal nonsense from the gay rights crowd.

It's too much to do in one post, but keep reading.

I will note that the idea that "one man and one woman" is discrimination is absurd. Marriage is a relationship and a contract. The government has an interest in regulating contracts where legal benefits flow.

We restrict marriage by age. Appropriately so.
We restrict marriage by familial connection. Appropriately so.
We restrict marriage by current marital situation. Appropriately so.
We restrict marriage by mental capacity. Appropriatelly so.

Human beings are born from the union between one man and one woman. Society has a right and duty to protect this relationship above all others.

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