Monday, August 9, 2010

David Gregory (unfortunately) follows in Tim Russert's footsteps

May God bless Tim Russert's soul and his memory.

I often criticized his performance on NBC because he casted himself as Conventional Wisdom and then demanded that guests respond to his personal opinions. He often talked about the trouble Social Security was in as fact, when it was his perspective.

Now, David Gregory is doing an equally bad job asking questions. He seems to play political games with the guests, and follows a script. Ask an unclear question. Get a bogus answer. Re-ask an unclear question. Get another bogus answer. Move on.

His performance with John Boehner was really bad.

He asked convoluted questions like:

I'm sorry, you're--that--you're not, you're not being responsive to a specific point, which is how can you be for cutting the deficit and also cutting taxes, as well, when they're not paid for?


"But do you agree that tax cuts cannot be paid for"

These soft and misguided questions make it easy for Republicans to lie and avoid serious discussions.

BTW I think the same thing when Democrats are poorly interviewed.

Gregory should have asked:

"If you cut taxes by let's say a trillion dollars, how much tax revenue is not collected by the government? Do you think you should reduce government spending by whatever amount you reduce the revenue from taxes collected?"


"Name a popular government program that you want to cut"

Just as I earlier criticized him, I have to give Tim Russert some credit because he was good on Democrats when talking about abortion. Democrats need to be asked what is terminated in an abortion?

Gregory has the potential to be good if he calms down and focuses on doing what's right rather than trying to be "MTP" host.

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