Saturday, August 7, 2010

CQ Politics projects Democrats holding on

The media is buzzing about a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives and maybe even the U.S. Senate. I'm hoping they fail. On the issues where Republicans are generally correct such as being for traditional marriage and school vouchers they don't seem poised to do anything about it, so the country would be better off to support the Democrats and the President's agenda (in general).

I'm searching for good news along this front and found CQPolitics:

They have the House:'
Dems 228
Rep 278

They have the Senate:

Dems 51
Rep 40

The rest of the races for both houses are toss-ups.

I would imagine this is the crest of the anti-Democratic and pro-Republican wave, especially in the media. Soon, legislating will be complete, and both sides will offer their best arguments. In that scenario, Democrats should do much better. In addition, right now polls are screening for "likely voters", while the election will be decided by registered and unlikely voters. These are the people who don't pay very much attention.

So as of today, we're still good.

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