Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top 5 Presidents all-time

5. Ronald Reagan - inspired Americans with his rhethoric; controlled political debate for a decade (even after death); represented American greatness

4. F.D.R. - Saved the idea of capitalism by reforming it through New Deal; got the big decisions right in WWII

3. Abraham Lincoln - Maintained the U.S. as one country

2. George Washington - father of the country. War hero. Humble enough not to retire from politics rather than trying to be regal.

1. Barack Obama - Inspires the world with his rhethoric; one of the smartest Presidents; most successful first term ever (...still has time to do more)

While the first two are obvious, look at what has been done since the 2008 election whether you agree/disagree:

-implemented plan to save the banking system (agree)
-Recovery Act (stimulus bill) (agree)
-HealthCare bill (agree)
-Afghanistan war surge (disagree)
-on the verge of signing banking reform (agree)
-move to end don't ask don't tell in the military (disagree)
-been a great role model for black men, and family men (agree)
-appointed All-star cabinet including Hillary Clinton (agree)

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