Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 5 good things going on...

5. Numerous people have called Jesse Jackson's "slave" comment about Lebron James silly. I respect the Reverend, and he should be more careful.

4. The World Cup is over...

3. People didn't fall for Chris Brown's crying act during the 2010 BET awards

2. Bill Cosby just had another happy birthday

1. President Obama's poll numbers are sliding because he is actually trying to do what he thinks is right. Agree/disgree; he isn't wasting his time and not trying to get re-elected for it's own sake. I wish he would do more to shake up the educational establishment, stop pandering to the gay rights crowd, and end the wars in the middle east. But he is about to sign a Financial Regulation bill, signed a great healthcare bill, signed a Stimulus bill that helped stave off a depression, used emergency measures to save the banks and auto companies, and has been a great role model for family men (especially black men).


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