Saturday, July 24, 2010

Charlie Rangel (still) must go

Long ago, I've called for Charlie Rangel to resign. He is one of the most respected and respectable members of Congress, but he has brought shame on himself, and the Democratic Party.

Bill Clinton really did harm this country by infusing the notion that never quitting is a virtue in and of itself. Regardless of the merit. Unfortunately Representative Rangel is following in his footsteps.

Any close reading of the alleged ethics violations by Rangel show that he is guilty as charged. Perhaps he didn't commit a crime, but he is allowing himself to be a symbol of corruption.

I, personally don't have a problem with public servants getting extra benefits during their tenure because in general they don't get market value of their worth. But Rangel knows in politics pretty much all is fair game, and he is in the crossfire.

He should celebrate his great career, retire and enjoy his life.

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