Thursday, July 8, 2010

bring on the election season

Democrats and the President are down in many polls because we have to govern. In addition, it makes a better story for the media to talk about a possible Republican takeover rather than continued Democratic dominance.

As a partisan, I'm ready for the legislative season to end, and the election season to begin.
The Republicans aren't really serious on anything. Even on the things that I support their ideas more (against gay rights, against illegal immigrants, pro education reform, etc.) they are feckless and more interested in cheap political points.

Instead of a serious healthcare debate, and a real alternative approach after the November elections should they win, the Republicans are simply biding time, trying to lie their way into power.

A post on the DNC's website shows how Democrats can/should win on the issues.

Healthcare is a good example.

Once people realize the good that is already current law, Democrats will gain the upper-hand.

Until then, it 's just more smokescreens.

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