Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sally Quinn's left wing notion of marriage

Sally Quinn's piece on Al and Tipper Gore's marriage is a sympton of what's wrong with the institution and our society.

The ideas she present represent the downfall of western civilization.
We need to teach young people to not get married unless they intend to commit for a lifetime to their spouse, not give them an easy excuse.

Al and Tipper Gore did a lot of good in their union and with their union, but their divorce has poisoned the well of good wishers. It's hard to believe in an institution when someone we all thought did it the right way fails.

They absolutely should have fought to stay together for other people.
Marriage is about other people. It is a public institution. It is about how we as a society, as a community, as a family, treat you as an individual. It's how a person relates to the world.
It is an essential component of our stability.

Sally Quinn comes from the new school of relativism and "me-ism".
We need the kind of marriage that allows people to be themselves within the union.
We should should change "till death do we part" just because people grow older and different.
It's one thing to have exceptions and imperfections, but another to plan for failure.

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