Monday, June 7, 2010

5 things you can believe and still be a good liberal Democrat!

I support policy based on logic and my understanding. This leads me to:

support affirmative action
support clean-air/water regulations
support progressive tax system
being against Iraq/afghanistan war
support pro-choice on abortion rights
being against drug laws
being against gambling laws
support regulating €Wall Street
support gun-control
support cutting Defense budget

...but some would try to write me out of the party because I believe...

1. Democrats should stand against gay rights and gay marriage especially

2. Democrats should support school choice and an open market-place in education

3. Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broadrick. I say this because he hasn't denied it in detail.

4. increasing the public role of Religion and morality in civil society

5. following the facts where-ever they lead in any situation

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