Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama and Gallup poll

Today's Gallup shows the President upside down at 44% approve and 48% disapprove. He has been in negative territory alot recently. What's more important is that this poll is of "adults" rather than "voters" or even "likely voters". Each time the screen gets more selective, I would imagine Obama's numbers get worse because typical Democrats and Obama supporters are either simply not interested in politics or they are rather happy and aren't focused right now.

The President has used up his political capital on healthcare, Stimulus, and other tough decisions.

He is being punished (unfairly) for this oil spill I'm sure.

He should be proud of what's he done so far.

Except the President should stand up and use the bully pulpit to shape our culture.

He should shock everyone and really support traditional marriage. Washington D.C. allows gays to marry and it's an outrage.

The President should stand for radical education reform. He has taken baby steps but he needs to attack the foundation of the system, there are millions of people who would cheer.

The President should redefine the Iraq and Afghanistan missions and bring our troops home.

Lastly, he should do a real stimulus, and a real housing foreclosure fix.

I presume all of the above would drive his poll numbers up. The extreme left-wingers would have to support the last two even as they push for the radical gay agenda. The American public on balance would welcome these changes. If not, then he could be proud of his accomplishments and let history extoll the virtues of his policies later.

I'm still proud of the President, just offering some advice!

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