Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tim Tebow

...was one of the winningest players in College Football history. According to the scouts he is not a top pro prospect because of bad fundamentals. Right now he is in the process of changing his release point and other things he has done up to now in order to satisfy the pro scouts and entice an NFL team into picking him high in the draft.

He is wrong to try to change. The NFL people are wrong to try to change him.

There have been so many NFL ready quarterbacks that fail for various reasons.
Heath Schuler, Ryan Leaf, numerous Florida quarterbacks, and on and on.

No one truly knows. That's been proven.
Take the draft where the experts were split between the above mentioned Ryan Leaf and a sure Hall-of-famer (now) Peyton Manning. Think what it means that it was a 50-50 call between an all-time great and an all-time bust.

What a team should want is a winner.
Give Tebow a chance to play his way and see if it works.

Tim should have the confidence to do it his way. That combined with his resume would get him a legitimate shot.

If he fails now, no one will ever know if he could have done it with what he brought to the table. He is now playing from weakness and it will be difficult to reassert himself later.

There's a lesson here in politics for the Democrats also.

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