Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Republican lies

There have been so many Republican lies and misrepresentations in the healthcare debate that they are making it clear they don't believe in the faiths' they purport to represent. No Christian could misrepresent so much and live with themselves.

It's one thing to have a different point of view and argue that vigorously. But it is totally deceitful to say procedures are "unprecedented" and "unconstitutional" when the person speaking has done the same things numerous times.

Also, if you know you would do the same thing if you had the chance, you can't in good face act as though you wouldn't.

I want an honest politics. I realize Democrats didn't get to power honestly. We demagogued the Iraq War. We played tricks with Republican "corruption" when I as an activists and the Democrats in power knew that things wouldn't change very much were Democrats in power.

But there is somewhat of a fudge factor that is allowed where politics is played. The Republicans have taken it way too far and have become too cynical.

For the good of the nation, they should be honest about their disagreements and take an honest argument to the people.

It is fair to say that the government shouldn't address issues like healthcare in a big bill.
It is fair to say that the War on Terror shouldn't be prosecuted within the American legal system.
It is fair to say that in your view the pending healthcare bill subsidizes abortions. But then you have to keep that same standard and then say other bills subsidize religion, since you claim money is so fungible.

That's my point, if we should give suspected terrorists rights that should be true regardless of the administration in power.

Our country's freedom is built in part on the ability to air honest disagreements peacefully.
Honest disagreements.

We need the leaders of the Republican party to marginalize their right wing, and show they are capable of governing.

Or else, America shouldn't ever let them govern again.

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