Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winning 2010

As a party, Democrats must find good issues that help America, and also ones that Republicans can't or won't support because of ideological reasons. It seems we are constantly "doing the right thing" against public opinion. While I think it is important that a majority party do what is proper, at some point in this election cycle we need to show a positive reason to vote for us.

In the past, support for Stem Cell research was a good example of doing something right for America that many Republicans wouldn't support.

Even still, we need to have a unified political approach, or else just like with the public option in the health care debate, the other side will come together to change public opinion.

Democrats must remember that politics is war without bloodshed.
Or else we can revisit 1994 again.

Here's the one item on the agenda for 2010:

New government regulations to limit the size and activities of the country's largest banks.
62% for 35% against

Even if Republicans support some version, we can credibly make the case that Conservative policies caused the problem, and that Democrats are solving it.

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