Monday, February 1, 2010

Bottom 5 (worst) Democrats

1. Governor David Patterson - he should quit 2010 race
2. Rahm Emmanuel - I don't see the great execution of a great plan
3. Mass. A.G. Martha Coakley - should take responsibility for horrible race
4. Senator Evan Bayh - need to assert core values and be a leader
5. Rep. Dennis Kucinch - grow up and stop throwing tantrums


Libertyforall said...

In agreement accept Kucinich. He is one of the most honorable Democrats in the House of Representatives. I don't always agree with him; but, he, along with now Democrat, Arlan Spector, should be in your top 5. A big "yes" to Emanuel being one of the worst, as he, I believe, pressured Howard Dean's resignation.

Craig Farmer said...

Dennis Kucinch does things for show rather than for results. And the show is not a serious one. He proposed a "Department of Peace". First of all we have the State Department already. He ran for President, and was just a nuisance rather than promoting a positive left wing agenda. I respect Al Sharpton more. I respect Barbara Lee more. I disagree with all of them because they pander to bad ideas on the left, but Sharpton and Lee present good liberal ideas and both are intelligent thinkers. Kucinch is in position to advance good causes, he should do so.