Monday, February 15, 2010

So what if Republicans win Congress?

I really wanted the Democrats to win Congress in 2006. They ran against the War in Iraq and gave America the notion that a change in Congress would stop all of the Congressional funding of that military action. In addition, Democrats ran against the Republican "Culture of Corruption".

When nothing really changed, it was easy to see why, George Bush wouldn't listen; so we needed to win the White House too.

In 2008, I supported Obama with enthusiasm because I wanted to see Democrats take responsibility and implement their ideas.

Since then, there's been very little if anything done that wouldn't have gotten done with a Republican majority also.

I support all of the bailouts, and the Stimulus. I support the Credit Card reform.
I don't support the Afgan surge, and so on. But so far, Republicans have blocked real change, and Democrats seem paralyzed by their obstruction.

Maybe they haven't noticed, but Democrats are in the process of losing Congress. The very thing that Congressional Democrats have feared, the very reason for their hesitancy in acting, is being created by a combination of Democratic inaction (depress the base) and a mischaracterization of their intentions by the Republicans.

In 2006, I really looked forward to Democrats being the leaders of the committee investigations, and controlling the hearings. But there haven't been too many good ones.

So in the end, Democrats get blamed for the bad, and voters take anything good for granted.

If Democrats would be assertive, then maybe I would fear a Republican takeover.
I still want the Dems to retain control, but not with that passionate zeal I had in 2006 and 2008.

Maybe now that it is clear we might lose both houses of Congress and we'll be in the minority anyway, we will do what is right and fight for it. This way, if/when we lose it will be because of something worth while.

Though to the contrary, I suspect if the Congress had the courage to pass healthcare reform and fininancial reform, the voters would reward them.

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