Monday, February 15, 2010

NBA All Star game falls victim

It's a shame that a great tradition such as the NBA All Star game has become a shell of itself. ESPN and the NBA network periodically show "classic" games from the past. It's evident that the players took the game more seriously, and played an overall better game in the past. In addition, the fans were more exited.

As a nation, we've become too accustomed to the "big event" and now take too much for granted.
Yesterday's game was held in a football stadium where over 100,000 spectators watched the game.

The noise was muted, the players were uninteresting, and the event was not good.

This is happening in pretty much all professional sports. The fans show up, the performers are present, but there's no real spirit.

As we get more entertainment choices, these pro leagues need to rethink their business models. They need to not only try to make a profit today, but also build a strong product for tomorrow.

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