Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reid's commments are just fine

Harry Reid is a really good Senate Marjority Leader. He has a proven commitment to President Obama's agenda, and to a progressive agenda in general. He apparently made accurate comments about then candidate Obama's racial features (light skinned black), his speaking style (non-typical for a black man) and his prospects based on America's desire to vote for qualified blacks.

It was a classic gaffe. When you accidentally tell the truth. Except it wasn't.

It was a private comment.

I'm here to say everyone deserves the right to say what they want in private.

I'm sure there are boundaries where some things can NEVER be said, but this isn't it.

Reid was being an honest political commentator. It was politically incorrect.

It's something, I as an African American would have said and subscribe to.

The Republicans are being politically astute to try to attack Reid and Democrats.
This is their whole game right now.

But as a party we need to cancel our subscription to the thought and speech police.
Judge people by the actions and their public choices.

President Obama should have refused Harry Reid's apology as unnecessary and moved on.
As a country we need to set a standard that political correctness is dead and gone.

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