Sunday, January 10, 2010

George Will is in the right again

As a democrat, and a true liberal, I respect George Will because he seems to honestly believe and advocate what he thinks is right. That, as opposed to saying things to shock people, play petty politics, or advance a narrow agenda.

I know he's known as a "conservative" but I think that reflects more his manner and personal choices. His style is that of a newliberal. Will seems to think "what is the right answer" and is unafraid to tell what it is.

Today he was the only pundit I've seen who stood up for Harry Reid.
While liberals have decried the way Reid's statements sounded, and Conservatives playing the race card; Will was serious in saying that Reid was getting in trouble for saying true things.

I'm on record as agreeing with that.
Republicans have said that Reid said something "racist".
It is very short-sighted to take that viewpoint in light of the various things that those in their party tend to say. If they win, and Reid resigns, it will set a standard they can't meet. Left wing political correctness will have won out for the sake of Republican gain.

The media keeps comparing Reid's comments to Trent Lott's toast of Strom Thurmond (former segregationist--long serving senator).

Lott was in public.
Lott was making a point that was racial and appealed to racists. That our country would have been better if Strom had won back in 1948. There are people who would agree with that with racist implications. Lott appeared to be making a political gesture towards them.

I would accept that Lott was probably just saying something nice to a fellow southern Senator but when you have Lott's, Thurmond's, and the Republicans past (including the famed southern strategy) you don't get the benefit of the doubt.

Compare that to Reid saying that the country wanted to vote for Obama in part because of race (true). That he was light skinned and didn't speak typical of blacks (true), unless he wanted to (true).

I want to know who sold Reid out. Who allowed this to go public.
They are the ones who should apologize.
If a leader in our country can't make honest political statements in private, then we will have lost something important.

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