Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama's message to Massachusetts voters today

The President should say:

I'm here today because both you and I have lost a great friend, Senator Edward M. Kennedy. But on Tuesday, this election is about you and your family. No matter what happens, residents here, around the nation, and throughout the world will be given a message from what you decide. Our opponents have said, the election of Scott Brown will be your way of telling me,
"No we can't". Scott Brown has promised to stand with a Republican party that has refused to work together. He is standing with people who instead of pledging to be a part of the solution, they have stood on the sidelines and hoped for failure. Martha Coakley will be a fighter for you and your family. That's your choice.

In 2008, you ignored the cynics, you overcame your doubts, and voted for a better future. Since then we've passed the Recovery act that has saved or created two million jobs. We've taken action to stave off a financial meltdown that experts have said would have been the worst since the Great Depression. We've passed the Lily Ledbetter act to fight discrimination against women in the workplace, expanded healthcare to over 4 million children through Schip, and around the world America is once again seen a shining light.

In 2010 we have many problems to address. We need Martha Coakley in there fighting for you and your family. Scott Brown will say "no".

Martha Coakley will be fighting to lower your health care costs and make sure insurance companies pay for preventive screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies. Scott Brown will say "no".

Martha Coakley will be fighting to put more Mass. people back to work in the upcoming Jobs bills. Scott Brown will say "no".

Martha Coakley will be fighting to hold banks accountable and make them pay what they owe from when taxpayers had to bail them out. Scott Brown will say "no".

Martha Coakley will be fighting for green jobs in Climate Change legislation to save our planet and create a better economy. Scott Brown will say "no".

Folks only in Washington can 59 votes in the Senate for progress be stopped by 41 Republicans saying "no we can't".

That's why we need Martha Coakley to take the seat you trusted Ted Kennedy with for over forty years.

No matter what you do, you will be sending a message. Massachusetts I'm asking did you mean it?

When you said, "yes we can".
"yes we can" work our way out of the ditch left by the last administration.
"yes we can" leave a better world to our children.
"yes we can"
"yes we can" vote for Martha Coakley on Tuesday.

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