Thursday, January 28, 2010

Imus attacks Ford

...and I agree. Now let's hope no one really takes Imus literally, or finds racial meanings in any of his words.

Back when Harold Ford was an up-and-comer, Don Imus gave him a national platform to showcase his skills. So much so, that Ford had he won his Tennessee Senate Race (which Imus supported) he could have been Obama before Obama. Well not really because he was too politically transparent, too shifty, not a motivational speaker, and no solid roots in the nationwide black community. But... Imus did right by him.

Once Don Imus got in trouble with the MSM for calling the female basketball players on the Rutgers team "nappy headed hoes" in the context of a joke, Ford sold him out. Along with the late Tim Russert, and many other television personalities. They knew Imus was prone to be politically incorrect because he had done so repeatedly.

I used to enjoy the "Imus in the Morning" show. Mostly because he would honestly assess the news. He would viciously make jokes on blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives, and just say things others wouldn't say.

In that context when the media decided to take Imus "out", Ford should have stood by him.
Ford should have said that we all make mistakes, he should apologize and move on.

It would have been better for everyone to get a sense of humor, and move on.

I have a simple standard, if they meant to say something offensive and did, deal with that.
If they meant to say something funny, but it was offensive, ask for and if you get an apology, move on.

I don't watch Imus anymore because he's too constrained and politically correct.
This bit on Ford was a welcome sight.

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