Thursday, January 7, 2010

Don't trust Harold Ford

Don't get me wrong, I respect Harold Ford as a person, and would take him over a Republican, but I'm skeptical of any politician who seems to take the "right" position and doesn't take any tough stances. Politics is an art of compromise which means there's no way to get elected honestly advocated everything you believe unless there's an unbelievable coincidence between you and your district/state. But on some level as a strong individual you have to stand up to your supporters or the populace in general and defend an unpopular position. And this needs to be done from a position of strength and not by playing a victim card.
If Ford runs for the Senate in New York, maybe he'll have a chance to mature and do just this as some of his stances in his Tennessee campaign won't work up in NYC.
My prediction is that he will skip the race because of that.

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