Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Democrats against gay marriage

As of January 1, 2010,

Marriage has been assaulted and changed in:

New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Vermont
(New York recognizes radical certificates from other jurisdictions)

and also Washington D.C. is currently in a 30 day waiting period before a law will take place unless/until the Congress prevents it.

Top 5 observations:

1. Not one national Democrat has supported gay marriage in their campaigns yet not one has spoken out against this abomination. There are pro-life Democrats; There are pro school choice Democrats; There are national security hawks; There are small government Democrats. Where are the other Democrats against gay marriage? You can't just answer a reporter's question, you actually have to do something to protect traditonal marriage.
Something like reverse the D.C. law.

2. No Republican has emerged as a defender of traditional marriage as they are tesing the waters for 2012 Presidential bids in the two traditional early proving grounds of Iowa and New Hampshie, both of which have changed marriage, and their headlines have been about Obama, big government, foreign policy, and other things. It seems the social conservatives can't even control the debate when it's teed up for them.

3. Pologamy, Incest marriage and other radical changes are still illegal, just this one change is supposedly a civil right?

4. Transgender rights are preparing to emerge, making gay rights seem relatively conservative. It's a pretty good trick, make your strangeness seem normal as compared to the next guy/girl.

5. Defenders of traditional marriage need to pursue a positive agenda. Sadly in America politics trumps all. If we don't advance a progressive agenda, the radicals will win by controlling the language and the debate.

a. make it harder to get married-waiting periods and mandatory counseling
b. make it harder to get divorced-repeal no fault divorce, ban prenuptial agreements
c. have a clear set of benefits only for 1st time married people-tax breaks, and other prvileges
d. civil society needs to make married for life cool again-books,t.v.,music, etc.

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