Monday, January 18, 2010

Coakley upset victory? Thank Dr. King!

We should all remember that today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day across the land and in Massachusetts. That means most people will be at home because of a historic African American's contribution to the greatness of this nation.

They will be reminded of this in at least a few ways I'm sure.

Couple that with some well produced media ads by the Coakley campaign starring?

The first black President. Mr. Obama. Telling people how important it is to vote tomorrow.

It can't hurt.

It is natural to connect King to Obama and Obama to Coakley; because it's true. President Obama's tenure is a huge step in America's march towards justice. People know that, today reminds them of that. The advertisements I've seen from Obama's rally on Sunday are well done. Democrats, I'm sure will get this word out.

I think it helps by about 2%.

My latest guess is that Coakley can get 51.8% with Brown at 47.5 and have an early victory.

This is a far cry from my original 56% but she only needs to win by 1 vote.

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