Thursday, January 21, 2010

Angry at Senate rules now?

What about the fact that the same Senate Rules forced President Bush to either reduce his proposed tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 or to use "reconcillation" which ultimately meant they had to be "temporary" and not permanent?

The difference?

Instead of having to raise taxes to bring our budget closer back into balance, which would be really difficult and politically painful to do, they automatically rise in 2011.

Democrats get to decide which of the Bush tax cuts to keep.
Democrats get to say, I voted to keep your taxes from going up. I saved you from a Republican tax increase!

In addition, Democrats get to "raise taxes" on the wealthy without taking a vote to do so.
We have the leverage.

Just for the record, I really wish we would move away from taxing people's income and towards a new way to collect revenue through auctions and imbedded taxes. For example, Have the government buy 10 Superbowl tickets and auction them online. The proceeds go to the Treasury. Do this for high demand events/items throughout the country, and no one has to unwillingly pay taxes. I will post further on what I call "flexible federal tax".

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